About Us

About Us


With its trained and expert staff, ERAPRES is a specialized organization in aluminum casting systems and produces various cold chamber metal injection presses, low pressure presses, trim presses and auxiliary equipments for casting plants.

Having gained experience in many fields with its different engineering applications, ERAPRES has been able to expand its position in the market with its reliable identity by developing its production capacity with the high technology of the era. With this, it carries an innovative character with continuous R&D activities that will lead to adding value to its products and quality.

Our company has adopted the principle of establishing a modern aluminum die casting plant with completely domestic resources and engineering, providing the necessary operating and service support, eliminating the existing inefficiency and poor quality and ensuring that profitable facilities emerge.


Continuity and productivity

Our main goal is to be a successful and sought-after brand that creates value for our customers with the reliability and high technology we provide with our products, solutions, after-sales services.

Good quality and innovative

By constantly improving and improving, ERAPRES has made it a vision, offering the most efficient solutions to its customers with the highest quality.

We are always with you with our expert and experienced staff

Our employees and managers dedicated to the company in corporate commitment, equipped with high potential and innovations required by the business, are a tremendous fuel that will drive our company forward. Aiming to develop, grow, be efficient and be professional within a corporate identity ERAPRESaims to have such fuel.

Employees of Erapres;


Explore Professionalism

It is to guarantee the continuity of product and customer satisfaction and increase the satisfaction rate with the most efficient solutions. It is to guarantee good quality in the products and processes we produce, as well as “reliable, efficient, technological and user-friendly” production.