Era220- Era2200

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

(Proportional/ Semi-Proportional/ Real Time)

Our Innovative Technology

Injection System;

Hydraulic System;

Locking and Mechanical System;

Electrical-Electronic system;


Era Cold Chamber Die Casting Molding Machines

Technical Specifications


Die Casting Curves

The main thing in pressure casting is to produce high quality and fast products. Thanks to this program integrated into our machine, production can be carried out under the conditions required by today and you can perform error analysis more regularly.

Control of the speed and pressures of the injection group and its control system is important in terms of production in order to produce fault-free parts. For this purpose, ERAPRES has been created in such a way that its software and hardware provide customers with this opportunity.

The examination of each stroke under the name of the entered mold gives you an advantage in investigating the effects on the part. If there is an error, it helps to get to the cause it originated from. You can set min and max ranges to these values and stop production and alarm when these values are excluded.

Mechanical Structure

It has rigid, robust, reliable mechanical structure.
Each of the press parts under load in Erapres products is designed with FEM analyses with the cooperation of the university. Machine parts are manufactured by making ultrasonic and material analysis controls.
CNC borwerk, cnc machining and cnc lathe are used in machine parts processing. The necessary hardening and surface coating processes are used with precision to extend machine life.

Hydraulic System

The latest version and original Parker or Vickers valves are used in hydraulic design and applications of Erapres products. Heat treatment is applied in hydraulic cylinders and current sealing elements technology is used.


Software & Electrical Hardware

In terms of occupational safety and operation in Erapres products, all software is made in accordance with world standards. The materials used are created with Siemens and Beckhoff equipment, which are accepted all over the world.

Technical Specifications

With our expert staff, we determine the needs of your aluminum die casting processes and provide you with the most efficient options with the help of the data obtained.

Erapres demonstrates its strength in R&D activities by projecting the capabilities and capabilities of product design, development, testing and validation.

Our company offers 24-hour service in electronic and mechanical failure in aluminum machines with its professional service team.