ERAPRES showcases its strength in R&D activities by projecting its capabilities in product design,
development, testing, and verification.   

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Our company invests in R&D and innovations every year with engineers, technical staff and university collaborations. Our company values and gives importance to the innovations therefore we process and practice innovations with our clients, suppliers and all stakeholders. Tübitak projects of the machines that we have manufactured since 2012 have been completed and finalized with success.

In addition to the R&D projects carried our by Erapres with its own funds, there are also nearly 10 completed projects found worthy of support by TUBİTAK-TEYDEB. We will continue to work hard, produce more and create value for our country by moving forward to become a leading R&D Center that produces know-how and transforms scientific knowledge into commercial products.


Definition: This method, which was developed to overcome the limitations of the conventional die casting process, such as limited control options and adverse effects from runners and feeders approaching the part weight, is widely used in the production of wheels in our country.
With the increasing needs of the nationalizing defense industry for parts outside of wheels, and the growing demand for higher quality and quantity of die-cast parts both domestically and internationally, low pressure casting has become a highly sought-after process for casting facilities. In response to this need, our company crowned its R&D efforts that started in 2017 with the production of the machine in 2019.

Günümüz teknolojisinin tüm gelişmiş özelliklerine sahip olan makinamız 1 yıldır kaliteli parça dökmektedir. Gerek makine teknolojisi, gerekse proses bilgimiz kullanıcı için uygulama kolaylığı sağlamaktadır. Bu sektörde Ülkemizin,  siz değerli iş ortaklarımızla birlikte hak ettiği yeri almasında hızla yol alacağımıza inancımız tamdır.

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We are proud to share with you, our valued customers, the joy of bringing the latest in injection technology, real-time injection, to our country.